It’s going to be a looooong week because at the end of it, some of the greatest ladies ever will venture down to the District for a girls’ beer weekend. On the list: Drinking Punkin Ale out of a pumpkin and attending Livingsocial’s BeerFest.

Considering how fun the last LivingSocial BeerFest was, it’s a real possibility that I’ll die of happiness on Saturday.

Edit: Joey is coming as well - since he must be included in all Girl’s Night/Weekend/___ things.

  1. rarityinform said: ugh jealous on like 12 levels. Unfortunately I’ll be missing the beer fest for M83 in Richmond.
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    Have I mentioned how excited I am for this weekend yet? No? SO EXCITED.
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    I gush over all these humans on a daily basis, and the fact that we will all be together (drunk) this weekend will more...
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    Don’t forget the greatest man ever.
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