Springtime is in full force in The Big Apple, and consequently, so is Spring fever. People get stir-crazy, outdoor adventures are planned, the desire to get a little wild is ignited.

Tonight I chose to embrace both Springtime and wild yeasts with Saison de Lente - the Spring seasonal from The Bruery. I found this babe at the Whole Foods beer room in a 750 ml bottle for only $10.99 - pennies compared to the prices of some of their other offerings! Spring seasonals are hands down my favorite seasonals, and this beer is just one of many examples why.

For those who aren’t familiar with wild ales, they’re created using a process called “spontaneous fermentation” - which basically means that the beer’s wort is collected in barrels and exposed to wild strains of yeast that will then feast upon the wort to produce the CO2 and alcohol that turn that wort into delicious, delicious beer. Science, you guys.

This particular wild ale is brewed using the popular wild yeast strain called Brettanomyces, or “Brett” for short. It’s also bottle-conditioned, which means that the wild yeast is the only party responsible for its carbonation. It pours a hazy golden color and smells like barrel-aged white wine, citrus, and a slight characteristic “brett” funk. It tastes like a spicy, dry cider - absolutely perfect for curing Spring Fever.


  1. earpinion said: Just wanted to clarify something. Most beers fermented with Brett aren’t spontaneously fermented. Lambics are, but not many beers are. They are left open to allow yeast from the air to inoculate them. The brewers intentionally use Brett for this beer
  2. theartofhomebrewing said: Absolutely gorgeous, and the beer in hand only adds to that. Saison de Lente is one I sadly see on the shelf nearly year round in my area. I’ve been holding off on buying it because I want to try it fresh first. Looks like my time has come.
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